Stats Talk – 15th Men’s Hockey World Cup

First Goal of the World CupMaico Casella (Argentina) vs South Africa
Team conceding most goals in the World CupChile (32 Goals)
Most Exciting Game of the World CupGermany-England semifinal – Germany trailed 0-2 and scored twice in final two minutes to take the contest into a shootout where they won 4-3
Top Goal-Scorer of the World CupJeremy Hayward (Australia) 9 Goals
Winless Teams of the World CupChile & Japan
Most Individual Goals in a World Cup GameTom Boon (Belgium) 5 Goals vs Japan
Only Unbeaten Team of the World CupGermany
Total Goals Scored in the World Cup249 Goals
World Cup DebutantsChile & Wales
Biggest Win of the World CupNetherlands Beat Chile 14-0
Youngest Players of the World CupPere Amat (Spain) & Yamato Kawahara (Japan) – both aged 18
Numbers of Hat-Tricks in the World Cup: 10 – Tom Craig, Jeremy Hayward, Blake Govers (Australia), Thierry Brinkman, Jip Jansen (Netherlands) Victor Charlet (France), Nicolas Della Torre (Argentina), Niklas Wellen (Germany), Tom Boon (Belgium), Gonzallo Peillat (Germany) vs Australia
First Drawn Game of the World CupIndia Drew England 0-0
Oldest Player of the World CupLee Nam-Yong (South Korea) 39 Years
Number of Cards Issued in the World Cup115 Cards (85 Green Cards & 30 Yellow Cards)
First Hat-Trick of the World CupJeremy Hayward (Australia) vs France
Team Scoring Most Penalty Corner Goals in the World CupAustralia (12 Goals)
First Come-From-Win of the World Cup Malaysia Beat Chile 3-2
Most Hat-Tricks in a World Cup Game 2 (Tom Craig, Jeremy Hayward vs France), 2 (Thierry Brinkman, Jip Jansen vs France) 2 (Victor Charlet vs Argentina & Nicolas Della Torre vs France