Biggest Wins in Men’s Asia Cup

Scoreline and Teams InvolvedEditionVenue
India Beat Sri Lanka 20-02007Chennai
Malaysia Beat Thailand 20-01993Hiroshima
Pakistan Beat Thailand 20-01993Hiroshima
India Beat Thailand 16-02007Chennai
Pakistan Beat Iran 16-01985Dhaka
South Korea Beat Thailand 16-02007Chennai
Pakistan Beat Sri Lanka 15-01999Kuala Lumpur
Pakistan Beat Sri Lanka 14-01985Dhaka
India Beat Sri Lanka 13-01982Karachi
Bangladesh Beat Thailand 13-02007Chennai
China Beat Thailand 13-02007Chennai
Malaysia Beat Hong Kong 13-12007Chennai
Pakistan Beat Chinese Taipei 13-12013Ipoh
China Beat Thailand 12-01993Hiroshima
India Beat Singapore 12-01982Karachi
South Korea Beat Sri Lanka 12-22007Chennai

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