Netherland Set New Record for Biggest Win in Men’s Hockey World Cup

Netherlands have set a new record for the biggest win in the Men’s Hockey World Cup when they thrashed debutants Chile 14-0, riding on hat-tricks from Jip Jansen and Thierry Brinkman and a brace from Koen Bijen. The Dutch scored five goals in the first half and nine goals in the second half to break the previous record of Australia hammering South Africa 12-0 at the 2010 World Cup in New Delhi.

Teams InvolvedEdition
Netherlands Beat Chile2023 World Cup
Australia Beat South Africa 12-02010 World Cup
Australia Beat South Africa 12-02018 World Cup
Pakistan Beat New Zealand 12–31982 World Cup
Pakistan Beat Ireland 9-01978 World Cup
Australia Beat Ghana 9-01975 World Cup
Netherlands Beat Italy 8-01978 World Cup
Australia Beat Malaysia 8-01998 World Cup
Australia Beat Poland 8-019798 World Cup
South Korea Beat Canada 9-22010 World Cup
New Zealand Beat Japan 8-11973 World Cup
Netherlands Beat Belgium 8-11994 World Cup
India Beat Ghana 7-01975 World Cup
West Germany Beat India 7-01978 World Cup