Hat-Tricks in Men’s Hockey World Cup (1971-2023)

The 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup has witnessed players across nations scoring hat-tricks – as many 9 hat-tricks have been scored in the 15th World Cup.

Talking statistically, as many as 64 hat-tricks have been scored in the Men’s Hockey World Cup starting with the inaugual edition at Barcelona in 1971. A number of stalwarts have scored hat-tricks in the marquee event on more than one occasions. Pakistan’s Tanvir Dar has scored three hat-tricks in the World Cup – two against Australia and the Netherlands in the 1971 edition and against Argentina in the 1973 edition.

Netherlands’ trio of Floris Bovelander, Taeke Taekema, Taco Van den Honert, then West Germany’s Wolfgang Strodter, India’s Rajinder Singh, New Zealand’s Andy Hayward, Argentina’s Gonzallo Peillat, and Australia’s Tom Craig have scored two hat-tricks in the World Cup.

Four players – Tanvir Dar (1971), Wolfgang Strodter (1978), Taco Van den Honert (1994), Rajinder Singh (1982), and Gonzallo Peillat (2014) have scored two hat-tricks in the same World Cup. Interestingly, the only World Cup match to witness three hat-tricks was the Pakistan-New Zealand game at the 1982 Bombay World Cup, where the Pakistani troika of Hassan Sardar, Manzoor Sr, and Hanif Abdul Khan scored hat-tricks.

In all players from 13 countries have slammed hat-tricks in the World Cup. Taco Van den Honert scored a five-goal hat-trick against Belgium in their 8-1 win in the 1994 edition at Sydnsy, while his country-mate Taeke Taekema also a five-goal hat-trick against India in their 6-1 win in the 2006 edition at Monchengladbach. Australia’s Luke Doerner was another one to notch up a a five-goal hat-trick against South Africa in the 2010 edition at New Delhi, while Belgium’s Tom Boon lapped up a five-goal hat-trick against Japan in the 2018edition at The Hague.

PlayerCountryOpponentWorld Cup EditionVenue
Tanvir Dar PakistanAustralia1971Barcelona
Tanvir Dar PakistanNetherlands1971Barcelona
Juan AmatSpainKenya1973Amstelveen
Ties Kruize NetherlandsMalaysia1973Amstelveen
Tanvir Dar PakistanArgentina1973Amstelveen
Graeme WalterAustraliaGhana1975Kuala Lumpur
Brian Disbury EnglandGhana1975Kuala Lumpur
Mohinder Singh IndiaGhana1975Kuala Lumpur
Gustavo PaolucciArgentinaGhana1975Kuala Lumpur
Paul SvehlikEnglandSpain1975Kuala Lumpur
Manzoor-ul-HassanPakistanWest Germany1975Kuala Lumpur
Wolfgang StrodterWest GermanyPoland1978Buenos Aires
Ian CookeAustraliaBelgium1978Buenos Aires
Wolfgang StrodterWest GermanyBelgium1978Buenos Aires
Shaikh ShahnazPakistanIreland1978Buenos Aires
Munawar-uz-ZamanPakistanItaly1978Buenos Aires
Paul LitjensNetherlandsItaly1978Buenos Aires
Manzoor HussainPakistanArgentina1982Bombay
Rajinder SinghIndiaNew Zealand1982Bombay
Hassan SardarPakistanNew Zealand1982Bombay
Craig DaviesAustraliaNetherlands19821982
Manzoor SrPakistanNew Zealand1982Bombay
Rajinder SinghIndiaMalaysia1982Bombay
Hanif Abdul KhanPakistanNew Zealand1982Bombay
Qasim ZiaPakistanNew Zealand1986London
Karol PodzorskiPolandSpain1986London
Floris BovelanderNetherlandsSoviet Union1990Lahore
Shahbaz AhmedPakistanSpain1990Lahore
Iganacio EscudeSpainPakistan1990Lahore
Carlos GeneyroArgentinaIreland1990Lahore
Javier ArnauSpainBelarus1994Sydney
Jorgi LombiArgentinaBelarus1994Sydney
Taco Van den HonertNetherlandsBelgium1994Sydney
Sven MeinhardtGermanyBelgium1994Sydney
Floris BovelanderNetherlandsSouth Korea1994Sydney
Taco Van den HonertNetherlandsSouth Africa1994Sydney
Stephen VeenNetherlandsIndia1998Utrecht
Hayden ShawNew ZealandBelgium2002Kuala Lumpur
Santa FreixaSpainJapan2006Monchengladbach
Taeke TaekemaNetherlandsIndia2006Monchengladbach
Jang Jong-hyunSouth KoreaCanada2010New Delhi
Luke DoernerAustraliaSouth Africa2010New Delhi
Taeke TaekemaNetherlandsArgentina2010New Delhi
Andy HaywardNew ZealandSouth Africa2010New Delhi
Tom BoonBelgiumMalaysia2014Hague
Andy HaywardNew ZealandSouth Africa2014Hague
Gonzallo PeillatArgentinaNew Zealand2014Hague
Gonzallo PeillatArgentinaSouth Korea2014Hague
Justin Reid-RossSouth AfricaMalaysia2014Hague
Chris CirielloAustraliaNetherlands2014Hague
Blake GoversAustraliaChina2018Bhubaneshwar
Jereon HertzbergerNetherlandsMalaysia2018Bhubaneshwar
Tom CraigAustraliaEngland2018Bhubaneshwar
Jeremy HaywardAustraliaFrance2023Bhubaneshwar
Tom CraigAustraliaFrance2023Bhubaneshwar
Thiery BrinkmanNetherlandsChile2023Bhubaneshwar
Jip JansenNetherlandsChile2023Bhubaneshwar
Blake GoversAustraliaSouth Africa2023Rourkela
Victor CharletFranceArgentina2023Rourkela
Nicolas Della TorreArgentinaFrance2023Rourkela
Tom BoonBelgiumMalaysia2023Rourkela
Niklas WellenGermanySouth Korea2023Rourkela