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Stats Corner: Michel van den Heuvel’s Win-Loss Record as Belgium Men’s Hockey Team Coach

Michel van den Heuvel took charge of the Belgium men’s hockey team from New Zealander Shane McLeod after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics – interestingly, Michel van den Heuvel had coached the Netherlands men’s team to a bronze medal finish at the 2010 New Delhi World Cup. The Dutch coach also served as Pakistan men’s hockey team coach between 2010 and 2012 .

Matches Coached22
Biggest Win as Belgium CoachWon 6-1 vs Spain at the 2021-22 Pro League at Brussels
Biggest Defeat as Belgium CoachLost 0-2 to Argentina at the 2021-22 Pro League at Buenos Aires
Last EncounterLost 3-4 (3-3) to Germany at the 2023 World Cup at Bhubaneshwar

Stats Updated Till February 1, 2023
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